Bunny Mask Hollow Inside by Görkem Demir


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The second volume of Bunny Mask, which is slated for release on May 11, sees the titular character free and dishing out justice her way. In the preview, which you can see below, Bunny Mask pesters and maims her targets. While the preview is unlettered,

In advance of the return of Bunny Mask, which was AfterShock Comics second-highest selling title, Tobin explained the plot of the series for those who hadn’t read it. “Bunny Mask is the story of how Tyler Severin, a doctor, accidentally unleashes Bunny Mask herself – an eerie supernatural woman with uncanny powers – into the world,” he said. “With his more-than-reluctant aid, she seeks out ‘sickness,’ as defined in her own unfathomable mind, and deals with it in her own creepy and often fatal manner. It’s basically as if you became friends with the girl from The Ring.”

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