We will buy your comic books or for better value we will do consignment to give you better value for your books. We can sell around 300 books a week, more for solid runs and keys.

Cat60 does YouTube auctions, eBay, Whatnot, Instagram and Private Sales.

We can move high volume at premium prices. If you want to sell your books outright we will have to see what you have. We are more interested in older books but will buy modern keys.

We buy comic books and comic book collections

Are you looking to sell your comic books and comic book collection? We buy comic books and comic book collections. We are looking for:

*Golden Age* Silver Age *Bronze age From 1930 to 1985, ¢10, ¢15, ¢20, ¢25, ¢30, ¢40, ¢50, ¢60, Price on book

We purchase outright or consignment Modern Comic Books will be purchased for keys only Top Dollars Paid

YouTube Channels We Acution On

Strictly Comix Group

Auctions are live every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30 EST 5:30 PST. There are popup auctions on Saturdays and once a month Whale Show and Vintage acution. The Whale Show are only big comic books. The Vintage Show where all books are Bronze Age and Older. Visit

Madhouse Comics

Auctions every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:00 EST 5:00 PST. Madhouse Comics YouTube Channel is a group of dedicated comic book enthusists. Great deals and awesome books to buy. All are trustworthy vetted auctioneers.  Visit us at