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Are you looking to sell your comic books and comic book collection? We buy comic books and comic book collections. We are looking for:

*Golden Age* Silver Age *Bronze age From 1930 to 1985, ¢10, ¢15, ¢20, ¢25, ¢30, ¢40, ¢50, ¢60, Price on book

We purchase outright or consignment Modern Comic Books will be purchased for keys only Top Dollars Paid


We will buy your comic books or for better value we will do consignment to give you better value for your books. We can sell around 300 books a week, more for solid runs and keys.

Cat60 does YouTube auctions, eBay, Whatnot, Instagram and Private Sales.

We can move high volume at premium prices. If you want to sell your books outright we will have to see what you have. We are more interested in older books but will buy modern keys. 

Görkem Demir Stray Dogs One Of A Kind Your Dog on a Comic Book

Immortalize your best friend on a comic book. Original art by Gökem Demir on a 1 of 300 Turkish Stray Dogs Blank Cover. Send your Picture and Order Number to bill@cat60comics.com


Bunny Mask Hollow Inside by Görkem Demir

Buy Single Trade or Virgin Variant or a set. Very Limited Production. 100 Trade 250 Virgin


The Recount Preamble #1 By Görkem Demir

Very Limited Production Cat60 Comics Exclusive – Görkem Demir Cover Art


7/20/2022 Signature Event

If you bought books with me and need to have them signed/remarked/graded here is where you pay for the services. After purchase email bill@cat60comics.com and tell me the books you have. If you don’t have a book you can buy one of my exclusives, Bunny Mask or The Recount and add these services.

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We’re so impressed with Gerald Parel’s art on our first exclusive: The Electric Black Dark Caravan #1

(W) Joseph Schmalke, Rich Woodall (A) Rich Woodall (A/CA) Joseph Schmalke

Dark Caravan Imprint. Halloween is upon us and it’s the perfect time of year to revisit the employees at our eerie emporium. The Yellow Stranger guides June and Jack through the origin tale of The Electric Black itself. Questions will be answered, Mysteries will be uncovered, and grizzly murders will occur in this very special issue that bridges the events of The Electric Black and The Electric Black Presents.


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Ste. A
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Haning out with Gorkem Demir